More pictures!

I did a lot of crafting the last two days – I had plenty of other stuff I *should* be doing, but goofed off instead.

Here’s a new pattern that I bought, called “Little Beau Peep” Hat.  It’s absolutely worth the $5.oo, the design is impressive.  There isn’t a single seam to sew in this!  My picture doesn’t do it justice.

Little Beau Peep Hat by Cheryl Andrews

And here is my “reward” afghan.  I’ve done 13 of the motifs I’ve earned.  I hope to catch up so that I have daily incentive.  This pattern has given me some very interesting ideas to ponder…

The squares on the tile are 15″, to give you an idea of its size.  I think this will be over 4′ in diameter if I make it as shown. (You can adapt the Penrose pattern to be larger)

Penrose by Woolly Thoughts



One thought on “More pictures!

  1. cattiekit

    Yep – seamless perfection! And your reward afghan is going to be fantastic too – I’ve always admired patterns similar to that.

    A little goofing-off is good sometimes. It can really recharge your batteries. :>D


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