Here’s today’s progress, the first of 8 segments.  Supposedly I can make it larger, not sure if I will or not.  The part at the top is actually the center of the circle.  It wasn’t until I was most of the way through this segment that I realized the instructions tell you what order to make the pieces and what ones to pick up sts of of another, etc.  I was just winging it!  (I got all but a couple right)

As of today, I’ve earned 24 motifs, have finished these 20.  Perhaps I’ll get the other ones done tonight?

The batteries died on the camera, so hopefully I’ll find the charger and be ready to go with the next picture!


One thought on “Penrose

  1. cattiekit

    Circular? Even cooler! Nice colors, too. Please keep earning your opportunities to work on this? It’s just lovely. :>)


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