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About kkrystal

I am a mother of four funny kids. I find it difficult to keep it all together, but sarcasm gets me through!

Wee Snowflakes!


My friend wants a garland of snowflakes.  I’m making every one that I can find that will be 4″ or smaller.  This is just the start!


Best Tool for the Job

45858.jpegSometimes, it’s not about talent, it’s about tools!  The insanity needlepoint would not be possible without this fantastic lamp/ magnifying glass.  Purchased at Harbor Freight for about $30.  Get yourself one!


Here’s the latest row done on Ginny Morrow’s Nova (needlepoint).  It’s my oldest WIP, by far.  Some of my friends sucked me into doing it, and then we all got distracted with other shiny things.

We’ve all decided 2018 is the year to finish Nova.  A square a day will have me finishing this in November sometime.

This is on linen, by the way.


Photo Friday!

IMG_20180330_172544.jpgHere’s the second skull doily I’m making.  It’s smaller than the first, so I might finish it this weekend.

This Mosaic blanket is really impressing me.  The pattern is super simple to remember, and I love how it’s turning out.IMG_20180330_202623

Now that I’ve finished Death by Popcorn, I’m putting in the requested red beads for eyes. Entertaining to see that after blocking, the eye sockets are larger, and it made the skulls look depressed!