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I am a mother of four funny kids. I find it difficult to keep it all together, but sarcasm gets me through!

Coming Down off a High

My scrap Chinese Wave has finally reached 30″ on its edge, which is what the head nurse in the NICU said is optimal for swaddling.IMG_20180223_104055.jpg

Now, I’m on the downside and things will seem to go quickly.  I had the dilemma of attempting to make this somewhat symmetrical, but my friend at Sherri’s Sundries (see how I dragged her back into noticing her own blog?) agreed that asymmetrical is the way to go with scrap projects.

Now it’s time to coast downhill!


Karma & The Desk WIP

It sounds like an edgy sitcom, “Karma & The Desk WIP”.

The Desk WIP started years ago after my friend in Australia would pop in to a crafty chat screen and say she crafted during her lunch break.  The project lived in her desk drawer.

*Eyebrow raise*

We’ve all got the Travel WIP, but who really likes lugging an extra bag with you to work?

Enter the Desk WIP. Mine are almost always scrap baby blankets, because I bring in a ball of yarn here and there as I see the need coming up.  Opening my drawer at lunch and seeing the riot of color really makes my day, too.


How can you go wrong?

And here’s the bit about Karma.  I had a loose plan for this blanket, and realize after digging through stash that I had lost my purple last year in a flood.  (Ugh)

I have SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy), even after the flood, so really not looking to buy more.

Two days later, my cousin sends me a message.



My friend chose doily #1.

Digging for Doilies (patterns)

I’ve spread the word that I’m open for business. In the doily-making industry.  As you can imagine, I’ve got them lining up at my door.  (*sarcasm*)

I do have a couple brave souls that have stepped forward and given me some parameters of things they’d like, though.

First was my brother, snarky and challenging, thinking all crafters were fuddy-duddies, saying he wanted a black one.  I fired back with this one, and he actually bit the hook:

I like it white, he wants it black.  I might make both.

The second requester is a crafty friend who is past the ability to do thread.  She was given this and choose the turqoise in the bottom row.


After giving me “whatever you want to make” platitudes, I told get if she didn’t help me narrow down the 3,000 choices from Ravelry, she might not get one.  She chose square. That sure did narrow it down….

And here is where I say – folks, filet crochet really should not constitute a pattern.  I have graph paper, too.

Here are the choices she has:


2. With or without the rosettes


3.IMG_20180220_1009544. IMG_20180220_100941

I’ll let you know which she chooses!

I’m back!

Well, it’s been a while.  I forgot about this, to be honest.  I’ve been on a doily KNITTING kick lately.  Some really fun free patterns out there.

Here’s the first one I just finished blocking:


I’m trying this one with a variegated thread.  Not sure how it will pool, but so far so good.  The pattern is nothing in the center, so I’m good with this craziness.  Once I get to the Lacy edge, I’ll change to a solid.


Spiral Doily


Stripey Pattern

I thought I’d posted the pattern earlier, but I guess not!

Anyway, this is the pattern I used:  Stripey Pattern.

HOWEVER, it wasn’t until I was halfway through that I actually read the pattern and realized that it was “inspired” by this one .

In looking at the two, “inspired” is a bit of an over-simplification, and I wish I had known as I would have done the original.

If you do decide to follow the one I used, beware because the bobble rows aren’t done right.  I have always done my bobbles from the wrong side, this has you do them on the right side (and it doesn’t work well).  There are no right and wrong rows marked in the pattern except one or two, so it was really hard to keep track of that.