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Stripey Pattern

I thought I’d posted the pattern earlier, but I guess not!

Anyway, this is the pattern I used:  Stripey Pattern.

HOWEVER, it wasn’t until I was halfway through that I actually read the pattern and realized that it was “inspired” by this one .

In looking at the two, “inspired” is a bit of an over-simplification, and I wish I had known as I would have done the original.

If you do decide to follow the one I used, beware because the bobble rows aren’t done right.  I have always done my bobbles from the wrong side, this has you do them on the right side (and it doesn’t work well).  There are no right and wrong rows marked in the pattern except one or two, so it was really hard to keep track of that.


Geometric Lace Update

I have cast off wedding and am weaving in the ends I neglected.  Hope to have a finish with that one this weekend!  *woo hoo*

Here’s an updated photo of my hexes for Geometric Lace… I need a few more colors here, there are about 140 squares.  Again, not a great photo but I don’t have my good camera with me.


Butterfly Progress!

picture022I can’t figure out how to get a picture in here, hopefully this works!

Here is my progress today on Butterfly. FINALLY I can see it looking like something.  I also did a bunch more yellow hexes, but I don’t feel like laying them out for the photo.



It’s not a large dilemma, but it’s one I have with tracking my WIPs.  Crafting time has been skimpy lately because of the end of the school year, so I’ve managed to keep up with Wedding but my Stripe afghan is woefully behind. 


The dilemma is whether to just bump stripey up to today, and pick up from there, or work at getting caught up?  It’s not like I have a deadline – other than next winter – and stressing me out about a project isn’t a good idea.  However, if I find time to get caught up, the sense of achievement!  LOL

You’ll also notice I added a little color here.  Sad, but I really do love my spreadsheets!  They like color, too!

I don’t have anything worthy of posting a picture… oh wait, yes I do, another stripey hat.  I’ll see if I can find a camera and get a snap.

Two finishes!


Here’s the latest of my round cloths.  This makes #4.  I think.


And here’s my most recent scrap hat to donate.  I realize in the picture that the tan that looks the same in real life wasn’t the same.  I haven’t found to bind off that I like for k2p2.